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Picture 2As much as we may enjoy the beautiful fall snowflakes, Winter can sometimes drive our hair crazy. Between the dryness, static, and general uncooperativeness, it can be a bit much to handle.

Don’t worry, though. This guide will help you manage your mane and offer solutions for smooth, silky hair even in the worst weather.

Condition, condition, condition! Windy days can be even worse than snowy days. Use a leave-in conditioner that will rebuild your hair’s strength. This also prevents tangles. The right conditioner can ensure shiny, sleek hair all day.

Try a keratin smoothing treatment. Having a professional stylist give you a proper keratin smoothing treatment can boost your hair’s strength and it’s a great natural alternative to relaxers.

Watch what you wear. Breakage is another problem that women suffer regardless of their hair type. Breakage is even more likely when it gets cold. In the winter, crochet and knit caps can be your best friend. Unfortunately, cotton dries out hair. One very important thing to remember is to make sure your hair is completely dry before you leave in the morning. If your hair is still damp from showering, you run the risk of freezing your hair when you step out; especially since your home is probably much hotter by contrast. Getting a protein treatment during your hair appointment is a great way to prevent breakage.

Avoid static. It makes sense to wrap your hair with a silk scarf underneath, but then you have to deal with static, which defeats the purpose of styling your hair in the first place. So how can you combat staticy hair? Use a shampoo with a higher alkaline level. If you feel that your conditioner is not enough, try a spray that you can carry in your purse. Your personal stylist can help you decide which product is best for your hair type.

Resist the heat. As much as you may worry about the damage you can get from the snowy weather, you should also remember that artificial heat can do some significant damage to your hair. When we’re inside, it is easy to forget about hair maintenance—especially when we are more worried about staying warm! However, heat can cause hair to be dull and limp. Try to avoid styling your hair with heat at home and be sure to use a generous amount of conditioner. The right moisturizing shampoo can do wonders for your hair.

Keep up with all of your hair appointments in the Winter. If you get a proper trim regularly, you can prevent a lot of winter damage. Even though you may have less motivation to venture out into the snow, going to the salon for a trim will help save you money and hair in the long run. You should get your end trimmed about every 6-8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Consider getting a protective style. Next time you visit the salon, request a protective up do will help keep your tresses smooth with very little maintenance. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from and you’ll keep your hair safe from potential winter damage.

These simple tips can help ensure that your hair stays smooth and beautiful all winter long. For a personalized smoothing treatment, contact one of our professional personal stylists today at Beleza Couture Studio Express.919.484.0423

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