Ask a pro…” discussion board launches

We encourage everyone to go to our site and click on the Facebook and/or Twitter link to become a fan. We are using Facebook and Twitter exclusively to post specials and daily events. We are also creating an “Ask a Stylist” discussion board where fans can post their questions and get beauty tips.

When you become a fan of Beleza Couture Studio, get exclusive access to our discussion board where you can post your beauty questions and get answers from the pros—our staff. If you have a hair, skin, or nail care questions, we have answers.

If you are already a fan, then check out the discussions tab on our fan page, post your questions, and we’ll answer. How’s that for FREE advice!

To help get the questions started, we posted a few questions that were are asked all the time in salon along with our answers. Go check them out and do not be shy about posting your own question. We want to help you.

Posted on May 5, 2010 in News

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