Beleza Winter Hair Tips!!!!!!!

As we approach the winter ladies, please understand that the winter time is better for your hair because it’s not as dry. Although some women experience dry scalp in the winter time. Make sure you schedule an appointment with a professional stylist to pre-treat your scalp before shampooing to rid of the dry scalp.

Keep in mind during the winter there is less humidity in te air, your hair is less frizzy and puffy. Less heat appliances is needed such as blowdryers and flat irons.Roller sets is a good options for some women this winter .

This winter is also a good time for natural clients to try the smoothing system. It’s healthy for the hair and gives you options when styling the hair during the winter. It last up to 3 months and leaves the hair shiny, healthy, and smooth.For the relaxed clients opt for a texturizer or organic relaxer. It’s less harsh on the hair and prevents breakage and excessive shedding of the hair. It last longer and is healthier for your hair.

Keep in mind when scheduling a blowout the key to a perfect blowout is a conditioning treatment and your ends trimmed. Otherwise you will not be happy with the results if your hair is dry, damaged, and excessively shedding. It may cost on the initial appointment ,but if you are consistent and not going from salon to salon it is better for your hair. Find someone that  is trained in healthy hair and if your hair is bouncy, growing, and healthy stick with that person. The problem is women hop from salon to salon and when they come back to the salon it cost more because you have to get the hair in a healthy condition which usually require  follow up appointments.

Communicate with your stylist , let them know what you are looking to achieve so you all can design a plan for your hair.Please avoid the drug store maintenance products such as Olive Oil,,,,etc those products work against the products that your stylist is using. Make sure you have professional products prescribed by your stylist for at home use.Professional products are better for your hair, less alcohol and salt, and easy to maintain your hair at home.

Be flexible and understand things happen because we are human.The minute your appointment have to be changed, or the stylist is running a few minutes late. Don’t be so quick to act on impulse. Because then you end up right back in the situation you where in. Be flexible and understanding so it’s a win win for everybody.Communication is key to  healthy and beautiful hair.

Posted on November 28, 2011 in Advertising, Beauty Tips, Tips

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