Brazilian Keratin Treatment

DO’S (Before Shampoo)

1.Do wear hair down all the time.

2. Do use a blow dryer if the hair becomes wet during the initial three or four days development period following  the Treatment.

3. Do use a flat iron to re-straighten areas where needed.

4.Do use a silk scarf or Gripas to preserve the straightness of the hair during the three or four day development period.

DO’S (After Shampoo)

1.Do use shampoos and conditioners that are sodium chloride and sulfate free; preferably the Marcia Teixeira, Pureology, or Agadir Argan Oil, that prolong the results of the treatment.

2. Do style as desired.

3. Do enjoy your beautiful, smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair!

DON’TS(Before Shampoo)

1. DON’T wash the hair for three of four days so that the treatment can develop fully.

2. DON’T tie the hair into a pony tail or braid. Either can create unwanted dents, weaves or curls.

3.DON’T use hair clips, hair bands or bobby pins, since these can affect the straightness of the hair.

4.DON’T sweat excessively. Avoid working out and or swimming during the three or four day development period.

5. DON’T put your hair behind your ears or use glasses to hold it back.

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