Caring For Your Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

The voluminous, thick and long hair of your dreams came exactly true in real life – thanks to your new hair extensions. You want to keep them shiny, soft and tangle-free as much as possible. Contrary to common belief, caring for hair extensions is not as difficult as many people think. With a few simple tips and tricks, hair extension maintenance doesn’t need a lot of effort.  If you want to keep your hair extensions in awesome shape and make them look as good as new for the next several months of wear, this article for you.

Wash And Condition

The first step in keeping hair extensions in excellent shape is to wash and condition them the same way you would with your natural hair. Select products that have moisturizing benefits to keep your hair extensions soft and smooth. Before washing hair, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle bot your natural hair and hair extensions. Massage your choice of shampoo and rinse well before applying a hydrating conditioner. Synthetic hair extensions will benefit from synthetic hair conditioners that come in an easy to use spray form. Don’t wash your hair extensions (and natural hair) every day because that will take the shine out. Wait at least two or three days before washing them again.

Heating It Softly

If you’re wearing real human hair extensions, you can basically style them using regular thermal styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers and a lot more. Be reminded to use over-the-counter heat protectant spray to protect your hair and hair extensions from the potential of drying out. If you are wearing synthetic hair extensions, do not use any electronic hair styling tools on them for they can melt and get burned from the heat.

Styling Products

You can use hair sprays, gels and mousse on both human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions but use them sparingly in moderation. These styling products usually have alcohol content in them and can possibly dry out your hair extensions if used more often than the usual.

Trim Away

Since real human hair extensions do not produce natural oil to keep each strand hydrated from within, they are very prone to having split ends. In order to stop the damage from moving all the way up the hair extensions’ shaft, trim the ends at least once every two months.

No Pulling

Avoid tugging or pulling your hair extensions when brushing, washing and styling them because their bonds (and your natural hair) will get weak in the process.

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