Educate & Inspire

We believe education and professional development is an ongoing process as today’s styles and techniques evolve. At Beleza Couture Studio Express, our intimate workshops cover advanced design principles in chemical enhancement, cutting, make-up, waxing, nail care,short hair & styling &  NC state board prep. We also offer courses in successful business leadership that cater toward stylists like you. Our educational environment is a custom couture: we teach according to your needs and learning styles.

Our studio also offers mobile training: we’ll come to you! We make it simple for you to inspire your entire staff with the most innovative cutting techniques out there or to simply strengthen their foundations by brushing up on fundamental techniques with us. Contact our studio to schedule a member of our education team to inspire and educate your staff with one of our cutting-edge workshops, custom-tailored to your particular needs, to your salon.

For more information on continuing education classes contact Beleza Couture Studio Express at: or  Call: 919.484.0423.

***Continuing Education classes are for licensed cosmetologist, manicurist, and estheticians only.

When booking an educator, maximum number of students allowed to participate in hands on class is 8 to 10. (Educators discretion) For classes with more than 20 students two or more educators are required. Length of class is 4-8 hours.


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