Flex Temp Stylist & Manicurist At Beleza Express Inc

Did you know that you can rent salon’s chair on per hour basis? Well, the answer to the question is affirmative. At Beleza Express Inc., we aim to provide hair stylist a chance to show their skills through renting our salon’s chair by the hour, day or week. It is commonly known as the Flex Salon Concept. It’s an innovative concept, derived to eliminate weekly basis rent system, which was cost ineffective and intransigent. If you are living or travel to Durham, Raleigh, Cary, and Chapel Hill then Flex Temp Stylist & Manicurist is now available at Beleza Express Inc.

Educational Opportunity

Flex Salon Concept is not just a mere business opportunity but an educational opportunity to learn and implement your skills. If you are a freelance stylist or just completed your cosmetology course then it’s the best option for you to show your talents. However, you need to follow set of instructions and apply by filling out a short application form which you can get access to by clicking here. To get started at Beleza Express Inc., we offer you minimum 3 hours of chair rental time and you may purchase more hours depending upon your requirement.

Enhance Business Skills

Flax Salon Concept prepares you to work with professionals who are more experienced and are expert in client handling. You will not only work but will be able to learn more about the management and selling techniques, which can help you boost your skills as a hair stylist. Also, it helps you to explore your own skills and you have the freedom to show your creativity. If you look at the future prospects, Flex Salon Concept can give enough experience and confidence to learn and expertise on business skills that plays a vital role in the field of cosmetology.

Why Beleza Express Inc.?

Don’t delay and book your rental chair today at Beleza Express Inc. When you work with us, you will enjoy your working. We offer:

·         A professional and open environment with friendly staff

·         Advanced education to help you grow

·         Expert suggestions to enhance your skills

·         An opportunity to grow your income as a hair stylist

At Beleza Couture Studio, you are valued and respected. Our goal is to increase your potential and help you achieve great income prospects. All you need to do is to rent salon chair or manicurist table by the hour, day or week by filing our application form or sending us an email at flextempstylist@bcsexpress.com.


Posted on June 28, 2013 in Advertising, News

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