Repairing Damaged Hair Extensions

repairing damage hair

Real human hair extensions can cost a fortune. It’s a beauty investment that needs special care and attention to ensure they’ll be around for quite a while. Despite the fact that real human hair extensions are made from another person’s hair, they no longer 

produce natural oils that keeps them hydrated. If not washed, conditioned and treated regularly, they will become dry, tangle-prone and brittle. We haven’t even mentioned how weather, styling tools and hair products can harm them. If you’re reading this post, chances are, you’re looking for ways on how to repair damaged human hair extensions. So without further ado, here are some simple steps you can follow to bring your damaged human hair extensions back to life.

STEP 1: Bring your hair extensions back to life with a generous treatment of hot oil. There are several ways on how you can get this done. You can go ahead and buy a store-bought hot oil treatment from a beauty supply store or go natural by using extra virgin olive oil. When purchasing hot oil treatment, check the label to ensure that it doesn’t have any alcohol content. This ingredient can dry out hair extensions to a damaging degree.


STEP 2: Apply heat to your hot oil treatment according to the manufacturer’s instructions and apply to your hair extensions. Let it sit for 20 minutes followed by gentle shampooing to remove all the hot oil residue, dirt and other impurities from your hair extensions. It is important that any hair product build up are eliminated from your hair extensions because if not, they will lose their shine which will result to looking dull and lifeless.

STEP 3: The next step is to dry the hair extensions. If you’re hair extensions are sewn in, you can dry it by blow drying your hair using a very low heat setting and a diffuser while scrunching each section with your fingers as you go. Don’t forget to spray a heat protectant spray before doing this so that you can shield both of your hair and hair extensions from thermal damage. If you’re using clipped-in hair extensions, simply squeeze out excess water in them and blot it with a towel then let it completely dry on its own. Apply a moisturizing hair serum on your hair extensions to make it shiny.

STEP 4: If you have trimming skills, trim the ends of your hair extensions that appear to be frizzy and brittle dry. The again, you can always visit your favorite hair stylist to trim your hair and hair extensions according to your preference. 



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