Hair Cuts and Hair Styles for Your Face Shape

It might sound like a cliché, but faces are like snowflakes—unique. Every hairstyle is not for everybody. Can you imagine Rachel’s iconic hairstyle on Feebie? Or Halle Berry’s signature 90s crop on Ciara?
So what makes a good match?

beleza face shape

It’s all about the shape of your face.
There are five distinct face shapes: square, round, heart, oval, and long. To find out your face shape, tie your hair back and look straight on into a mirror with a blank background. If you still can’t tell, do the same pose, but take a selfie and compare your face to these images.
Here are some tips for each shape.
Celebrity: Ledisi
If you have a square shaped face, your temple and forehead are pretty wide and your jaw line in angular. You’ll want a hairstyle that creates a bit more length. Soft layers will look beautiful with your shape. Having a loose, wavy hair style or a “bed head” look will help your angles appear gentle. High buns als o work to create length.
With a square face shape, you may want to stay away from blunt cuts like bobs. If your hair is long and relaxed it will draw attention to your strong chin and jaw line. Instead of a flat ironed style, try something wavy or air dried.
Women with round faces tend to shine with short haircuts. Or up-dos. A graduated bob is a great choice for a round face shape. The soft, round cheeks look even more beautiful with locs or kinky curls. A high pony tail can lengthen the face as well.
Layering around the cheek is not a great idea for women with round faces. It can widen the face. The same is true for big curls around your cheeks.
Celebrity: Gabrielle Union
When you have a heart shaped face, it generally means you have a widow’s peak and a pointy chin. There are some really cute style that compliment your lovely face such as layered looks. Big loose curls also look great because they can make the face look wider. Side buns are also a good look.
One major style to avoid with a heart shaped face is the dreaded center part. This can make you look like a caricature of yourself. Besides, your will waste a lot of time just trying to perfectly center the widow’s peak. Short, severe bobs are generally a no-no as well.
Celebrity: Nia Long
The oval shape is by far the most versatile. It is considered the perfect shape. If you pay attention to celebrities with oval shaped faces, you will realize they change their hair most often. (Rihanna is a great example!) Brazilian blowouts always look stunning on a woman with an oval shaped face. Marley twists are another great style choice.
The only real don’t…DON’T HIDE YOUR FACE!
Celebrity: Tyra Banks
We have all noticed when poor Ms. Banks makes a mis-step in her hair choices because they always exaggerate her forehead. As beautiful as she is, it’s hard to miss. That? ??s because women who have long faces look best with styles that’s are layered near the cheekbone area. Shoulder length hair can also create balance and make the face appear a bit shorter. A loose side bun can compliment a long face.
Long, straight hair can be your enemy when your face is long. It drags the eye down. Instead, give your hair some volume or allow your natural curls to do the work for you. Avoid center parts or very high ponytails.
The most important tip, regardless of your face shape, is to have confidence in your look. Remember, these are guidelines—not rules! As long as your hair is healthy, you’ll be able to look your best with any style.
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