Maintenance Of Natural Hair Extensions After Installation

1. How To Wash Your Hair Extensions?

Natural Hair Extensions

Always brush and de-tangle hair extensions before washing. Wash your hair extension thoroughly with warm water, still holding your head straight. Wash the scalp and the fixing points of the roots to tips, but never the other way. Rub gently to prevent entanglement between the root and the point of attachment.

Use a special shampoo for hair extensions, as usual shampoos are inappropriate, especially when they contain silicone. In addition to this, it is recommended to apply a mask length for each wash. Rinse your hair while keeping the head straight. Wash them at least once a week and every three days if you have oily hair. If you go to a salon, make sure that it follows the steps listed above and ask if they make two large soft tresses before washing when drying in order to avoid any entanglement in the wash tank.

 2.How To Dry Your Hair Extensions?

NEVER BRUSH, COMB ON WET HAIR. Always dry your hair extension wet with a towel. Then dry head right into the dryer at a distance of at least 15cm from your scalp and attachment points, then brush your hair extensions.

3.How To Brush Or Comb Your Hair Extensions?

Strongly hold your hair extension (half lengthwise) and brush slowly, starting with the tip and proceeding to the limit of the attachment points. Preferably use a brush for straight hair and a big comb (African or otherwise) for curly hair. If you feel a root node, gently separate hair extensions or if you do not succeed, do not brush or comb attachment points.

Note that it is very important not to pull too hard when you feel resistance to brushing because the force exerted by your hand (several pounds) can get the hair extensions or worse pull your roots if hair extension resists. It is also important not to scratch too hard at the root, so as to not break your hair or damage the hair extensions.

4.How To Shape Your Hair Extensions?

According to the possibilities offered by your cut, you can use curlers, curling iron, a flat iron (rather than brushing) or work your hair extensions using a diffuser to avoid point attachment.

5.Want To Color Your Hair Extensions?

For the safety of your hair extension and maintenance, color must be done in a salon. The salon or barber will be responsible for the consequences of the work done on hair extensions.

6.Sleeping With Hair Extensions

Brush your hair extensions last time before you go to bed. Your extensions will be well separated and would  ensure you avoid any friction and risk of entanglement close to the scalp. It is also strongly recommended to attach your hair extensions so that they do not get tangled while you sleep.

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