Multicultural Blowouts

This module introduces multicultural blow dry styling  techniques to students.



  • To promote skill development in the manipulation of tools, equipment, and products.
  • Demonstrate mastery of various blow-dry styling techniques.
  • To generate creativity as an expression reflected in multicultural blow dry styling.
  • To demonstrate safety and sanitation procedures.
  • To grow as independent learners within a classroom environment that promotes self-esteem, curiosity, competence, and trust
  • To touch, handle, manipulate, or experiment with materials first-hand so that students can discuss their observations from the various products and techniques used.






8-10 Hours

Designed For:
Refreshing awareness of the traditional techniques of blow drying
Especially beneficial for young stylists who want a better understanding of classic technique and experienced stylists who lack a strong technical background
Anyone who has interest in, and appreciation for, blow drying technique
Improving all your styling, from the most simple to the most creative

April 2011
May 2011

$55.00 – 4 Hr.

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