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You often talk about getting healthy hair, or are often astonished to see the beautiful hair promoted in various advertisements. Whenever, you see those advertisements, I bet you must always be hearing an inner voice saying “Wish I had that similar hair type, hair style or hair quality”. Well, it’s not a dream anymore. We at Beleza Couture Studio (BCS) Express put you hair in treatment and work to diminish dull hair and provide nourishment to your out of condition, dry and dull scalps. We aim to nourish your hair through our rich herbal products and give your hair a whole new glow and flow.

Composition Of Healthy Hair

Let’s first understand, what does healthy hair is composed of? Many people really don’t know about it. But we here try to help you understand about your hair composition and then we work on it so that you don’t feel cheated. Healthy hair is composed of different elements such as:

  • Natural lipids
  • Moisture
  • Trace elements
  • Protein

The major constituent is protein; your hair is composed of more than 90 percent of protein along with moisture and trace elements up to 5 percent. There are 2 to 3 percent of natural lipids found in almost every hair type. We take into consideration these factors and then work on to provide hair treatment which will best suit you. Also, different face structures have different hair style needs; so we analyze what will suit you or listen to your demand and then work accordingly. Most hair salons work on straightening the hair through hair treatment but do not focus on long term richness of the hair or its manageability.

How Beleza Couture Studio (BCS) Express Can Help You To Get The Best Hair Treatment 

There are almost hundreds of different ways that can cause damaged hair. It can be from swimming in the pool with chlorine content water or while working under the sun. These are some common causes which diminish the quality of your hair. Beleza Couture Studio (BCS) Express simply works on removing the frizz from your thin hair, make them soft and shiny, make dry hair laden with moisture, rejuvenate them and even make flat hair bloom. You will find your hair silky, hydrated, stronger and healthier after our hair treatment. You will get over that greasy feeling that you used to get every time you try to comb/touch your hair. We aim to make even the coarsest hair to become smooth and silky with our affordable and genuine hair treatment products and expertise.

hair treatment DurhamEnjoy Those Beautiful Curly Hair Forever

After you get the hair treatment from us, you will notice that you need not to work for hours maintaining your hair with heated straightening appliances. We will give you hair treatment which helps to intensify its quality rather than changing its pattern from lovely curls to straight hair. You can still enjoy your curly hair as we eliminate the root cause of damage from your hair and help you enjoy your natural look and feel of your hair. So, if you have any questions feel free to ask us and make an appointment with us today for the best hair treatment by experts at Beleza Couture Studio (BCS) Express Durham, Raleigh, Cary, and Chapel Hill. Don’t forget to check out our promotions page for various discounts.

Posted on June 5, 2013 in Beauty Tips

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