On-Line Coupon Policy

When you purchase your coupons, please read the restricitions prior to purchase. 99% of the time each coupon has a limit of (1) per person and you then have the option of purchasing others as gifts to give away to others to experience our studio hair salon as new 1st time clients. 

Please do not purchase multiple coupons for your own individual services or “gift” yourself multiple coupons. We do have the right to refuse multiple purchased coupons if you have already been serviced with a coupon deal that specifically states (1) coupon per person, per service, per promotion deal.  Coupons cannot be shared. In addition, if you have been serviced at our studio with an online coupon purchased through an on-line deal site, you are not allowed to use someone else’s coupon that you “gifted” to them should they not be able to use it themselves.  If you are not able to use your “own” or gifted coupon, please forward your un-redeemed coupon to someone who has not visited our studio salon and would like to experience our great services.

We utilize online coupon sites as a resource to introduce our services to people that we would not ordinarily be privledge to; and the online coupon sites are a great way to advertise our new services and products.


We value each customer and after you have visited our studio once, you do have the option of joining “our” e-mail list.  Our preferred email list allows for our regular clients to enjoy specials and promotions that “we” offer randomly and are very similiar to the on-line coupon sites that are currently online.


Click here for a sample of our very own online deals. http://www.belezacouturestudio.com/promotions/



Please note: No Calls No Shows for coupon holders will result in the forfeiture of your promotional deal and you will be required to pay the full price for the service.  This is clearly stated on most of the on-line coupon purchases.


24-hour cancellation notice is required or your certificate/coupon will be forfeited. It is at the stylist and management discretion to honor and re-book an appiontment after failing to cancel a missed appointment without a 24 cancellation.  Should the Stylist honor a “NEW” appointment date and time; a $10.00 re-booking fee will be added to the appointment.


Same Day Cancellations 

There is a $15 fee for same day cancellations. New Clients that have never been serviced at our hair  studio or repeat same day cancellations will be invoiced via PayPal for the cancellation fee. Once the fee has been recovered, you may reschedule.  


Thank you for your business.



Posted on March 12, 2012 in News, Policies

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