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You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow, is a famous quote by Jack Black. A woman captures the heart of many men through her beautiful eyes and her fine lined full eyebrows. On the previous blog post, I have discussed on eyelash extensions. Imagine those extensions without proper eyebrow shaping. I know; you won’t get a good feeling. Eyebrow shaping adds the extra spark to your beauty. A perfect eyebrow can only be achieved with professional help. We at Beleza couture, Durham aim to provide you the best artful eyebrow shaping. We keep in mind, to make those eyebrows in tune with your eyelashes and face. Everyone has different features, so is the concept with eyebrow shaping.

Eyebrow Shaping

Proper Alignment

Eyebrow shaping requires proper alignments. The basic idea is to maintain the width and thickness. The first view is taken from the outer sides of your nose to your brows. It gives an idea on your eyebrow alignment. Without proper alignment, your eyebrow will look dull. Full eyebrows have always been exotic looking. But, you don’t have to be disappointed even if you have thin brows. The proper shape and make up can be used to provide you with the exotic-looking view of full eyebrows. The use of tweezers and pencils makes the work done.


Perfect Shaped Eyebrows Is An Art

Every face is unique so there is definitely no comparison between different person’s eyebrows. Your eyes are responsible for most of the expressions. Therefore, their shape is of utmost important. Let us understand their importance with the following:

  • Eyes that have straight brows can express anger and frustration. That is definitely not what you want. Is it?
  • Eyebrows that have been pulled heavily from the inner sides of the eyes may convey an astonished/stunned look.
  • If you have a large forehead then eyebrow needs to be arched a little higher in comparison to the people who have a wider face. If you have a wide face, a perfect eyebrow shape is when it’s close to the middle.
  • If the eyebrow is shaped too far away from each other, your face may look wider.
  • If you want to show a lengthy face, then the best way to achieve is by providing a little bit of height to the brow arch.

See, how precise you need to be for your eyebrow shaping. A little mistake in its shaping may change your face expressions. Certainly, you don’t want to show a face full of anger, when you are a cool and awesome personality.

Be Careful And Seek Expert Advice For Perfect Eyebrow Shaping

Tweezing is a more preferred method than waxing. You can achieve a high precision level with tweezers; it does not tug or pull on the delicate parts of the eyelids. Many times, it happens that less attention is given on the bottom portion of the brow. It is the most important part to highlight the full features of the eyebrow shaping. I hope this post has made you familiar with the essentials of a perfect eyebrow shaping. You can always make an appointment with us and clarify doubts if any and get that artful eyebrow shaping you always wanted. 

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