You’re a V.I.P when you’re with us. You deserve nothing but the most high-end services and treatments – and that’s exactly what we offer our clients. With years of experience and continuing education, our dedicated staff is here to assist you. Our talented artistic teams works together with a creative mix of expertise, inspiration and heart. Our comfortable, relaxed ambiance is designed to make you feel great!

If you require our services for your next office appreciation day, photo shoot, spa party, makeover day, let’s connect. The Beleza team is here to accommodate your needs.

Artist’s Chair: Master Cut & Style for Women $65.00-$90.00
Engineered Style: Designer Cuts for Men $30.00
Pret-a-porter: Dry Haircut for Ladies $35.00- $45.00
Le Petite: Designer Haircuts for Children (10 and under) $30.00
Red Carpet Ready: Up-Do For Prom / Special Event Hair/Specialty Styles $75.00 -$85
Hair Immersion: Shampoo/Condition/ Style (Relaxed Hair Only)***based on length & density $50.00
Wind: Blowouts for Hair ***based on length & density(Natural Hair $60 & up) $50.00- $75.00
Curl Hair Only (Including Flat Iron) $40.00
Backstage Pass: Onset Pro Hairstyling & Make-Up Film/Photography Consultation
The Artist’s Workshop: Make-Up Lessons & Application Consultation
Strong Foundations: A Strengthening Hair Treatment $25.00
Splash: Moisture Session for Thirsty Hair $25.00
Morocco Dreams: Moroccan Oil Dry Scalp Treatments $30.00
Rx: Relax & Blow Off Some Steam: Relaxer Retouch & Treatment $90.00
Rx: Relaxer, Treatment & Trim $110.00
Rx: Add Demi Color  to Relaxer Service $25.00 & up
Demi Relaxer: Partial Relaxer   (add on) $25.00
Bon Voyage: A Virgin Relaxer & Blowout $110.00 & up
Texture + Air: Texturizer & Blowout $85.00 & up
Halo: Full Highlights & Style $125.00 & up
Demi Glow: Partial Highlights & Style $85.00 & up
Studio Spotlights: Simple Highlights & Style $50.00- $65.00
Brighten Up: Color Retouch & Style $85.00 & up
Shine Shine: Glaze with Blowout $70.00 & up
True Couture: Bleach & Tone Consultation
Paparazzi Ready: Full Color & Style $80.00 & up
Color Rx: Expert Color Correction Consultation
Demi Color: Partial Color (add on service) $25.00
From Across the Room: Lavish Lash Extensions $300.00 & up
Lash Boost: Lavish Lash Extension Touchups $75.00 & up
Flair: Eyelash Clusters $50.00
The Artist’s Masterpiece: Full Head Sewn Enhancements $275.00 & up
Full Head Bond Extensions $175
Integration  Extensions $175
Malayasian Extensions $250
On Again, Off Again: Partial Enhancements $250.00 & up
Mergers & Acquisitions: Bonding $20.00 per row
Unbeweaveable Glamour: Single Sewn Extensions $30.00 per row
Au Revoir!: Extension Removal $35.00 & up
Hot Hot Heat: Thermal Reconditioning $450.00 & up
Auto Focus: Keratin Smoothing Treatment $275.00 & up
On Location in Brazil: Brazilian Keratin Treatment $350.00 & up
WAX ARTISTRY (NuFree Anti Bacterial Wax)
Master Wax: Full Face with Brow $55.00
Signature Wax: Full Face without Brow $35.00
Blink Pretty: Eyebrow Waxing $15.00 – $20.00
Pout: Lip Waxing $10.00
Chin Up: Chin Waxing $12.00
Blink & Pout: Eyebrow & Lip Waxing $25.00
Blink & Chin Up: Eyebrow & Chin Waxing $30.00
Leading Role: Bride Consultation
Supporting Cast: Bridesmaids Consultation
Consult: Trial Appointment $100.00
40% deposit required at the time of booking appointment. 
3 weeks notice required for full refund of deposit in case of cancellation. 
Pricing is subject to change without notice and may vary slightly depending on these factors: time it takes to complete the service, amount of product used, type of product used, and experience of stylist. When in question, we encourage all guests to solicit an accurate price quote from our stylist before having a serviced performed. We want you to feel comfortable with service so you can relax and enjoy your service.
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