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Popular Types Of Hair Extensions

Gone are the days when hair extensions seem exclusive to celebrities and show girls only. Hair extensions make a perfect addition to any hairstyle and can change the way you look according to your preference. Before embracing the hair extensions trend, it is best to be armed with knowledge of the most popular types of…

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Maintenance Of Natural Hair Extensions After Installation

1. How To Wash Your Hair Extensions? Always brush and de-tangle hair extensions before washing. Wash your hair extension thoroughly with warm water, still holding your head straight. Wash the scalp and the fixing points of the roots to tips, but never the other way. Rub gently to prevent entanglement between the root and the point of attachment. Use…

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Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Hair Extensions Done

If you want to completely change your hair look in an instant, getting hair extensions is one of the best ways to go. Some would normally go for hair extensions if they want to add length to their short hair that wouldn’t grow as long as they want them to. Others see hair extensions as…

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