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Happy MLK Day

Happy Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King!!!!#mlk#martinlutherking#civilrights#mlkjr#blacklivesmatter #trixietoolehair.

The Top 3 Essential Oils for Healthy Hair

The Top 3 Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Everyone wants flawless hair. Who doesn’t want to feel like Beyonce when they show up to work? Without her professional team of stylists, though, it may seem nearly impossible to join the flawless ranks. But what if you could achieve a celebrity look without becoming a celebrity?…

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Happy Tuesday


Come experience the most requested service in the industry. Beleza blow-outs………..for all well groomed women on the go. blow outs shampoo & blow dry styling $35,45,55. a la carte extras: partial flat iron $10, full flat iron $20,rollers or curling iron $20 and up. Call today to inquire about our Express Blow outs starting September…

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Want 25% off your next service?

Clients! You want 25% off your next service, dontcha!??!! Click on “suggest to friends”  @,below Beleza’s cover pic, courtesy of PMG radio, and once we hit 5,000 fans, we’ll get you the promo code!! BOOST THOSE NUMBERS AND GET 25% off this month on your next service!!!!!First time clients receive 35% off!!!!!!!  From Facebook…

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Non-Wax Soy Based Hair Removal System

If you’ve tried waxing and it’s just too hard on your skin, but you can’t find someone who does the more gentle-to-your-skin sugaring in your area, you may just have another alternative. NuFree, a botanical, soy based hair remover free of any wax, sugar, or honey, was developed for plastic surgeons that needed to remove…

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Weekend Appointments Available

Beleza still have appointments available today, tomorrow, and Sunday. We received alot calls today because people where haveing a hard time getting appointments. We know that family and love ones are in town for graduation. To answer your question , yes we do have appointments available and they are filling up.

Revised Cancellation Policy

We understand that special circumstances are unavoidable and a cancellation may be necessary. If you find yourself unable to keep an appointment, we request at least 24 hours notice.  Clients who do not honor their appointments may be charged a cancellation fee as follows:  24 hours notice: Salon Service maybe cancelled without charge. Failure to…

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Stress & How It Affects Hair Loss

Stress And Hair Loss… Hair Loss And Stress, Are They Connected? Research has shown that stress undoubtedly affects the hair cycle and that losing your hair can cause stress. However, which one triggers the other? Did the stress of meeting that deadline last month cause you to lose some hair, or was it the hair…

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