Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Hair Extensions Done

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If you want to completely change your hair look in an instant, getting hair extensions is one of the best ways to go. Some would normally go for hair extensions if they want to add length to their short hair that wouldn’t grow as long as they want them to. Others see hair extensions as a solution to adding density and volume to their thin and unhealthy hair.  Either way, hair extensions (whether natural or synthetic) can give you that lustrous mane of your dreams. Before stepping into the nearest salon to get your hair extensions done, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Color Matters

Wearing hair extensions of various colors and hues can be a great way to give emphasis to your overall makeup and fashion style. Choosing colored hair extensions requires some thought for they may look so gorgeous and edgy to some people but they may look unflattering on you. Visit your stylist who is an expert when it comes to hair color matters and ask what color will mesh well with your eye color, skin tone and undertones. For starters, we suggest you wear extensions that match your current hair color to make your hair natural looking as much as possible and succumb only to bright and bold colors if you’re going to an event or a party.


Just like your regular hair, hair extensions require a certain degree of attention to keep them in tip top shape. If hair extensions are shampooed and conditioned regularly to maintain their lustrous appearance and soft feel, they can last for as long as 3 to 6 months. In a month’s time, you will find that your hair has already grown and this means that some adjustment should be made on the beads, braids or fusions binding your hair extensions to your real hair. With adjustment, we mean that your hair extensions should be moved closer to the scalp for a more natural looking appearance. It is also important to place your hair extensions along with your real hair in big, loose braids when sleeping or doing some physical activities like working out or doing household chores to keep it from tangling.

Synthetic and Human Hair Extensions

Real human hair extensions closely simulate the color and texture of your hair making them blend well with your own natural hair while synthetic hair extensions require further testing to find the perfect match. Caring for real human hair extensions is the same with the way you take care for your natural hair while synthetic hair extensions necessitates a special cleansing solution to lengthen its life. Real human hair extensions are relatively expensive and cost about $200 to $400 while the synthetic ones are significantly cost-effective from $50 to $70. Educate yourself about pros and cons of wearing either synthetic or real human hair extensions and find out which type will suit your preferences and current lifestyle.

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