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Chemical Relaxers

Smooth hair with chemical relaxer treatments at BCSx HAIRCARE salon in Durham, NC

Whether you’re looking to straighten hair, smooth curls, or reduce frizz, professional relaxer treatments at BCSx HAIRCARE salon in Durham NC will deliver exceptional results every time. We only use professional relaxers featuring the latest relaxer technology to provide your wavy, curly or textured hair with ultimate conditioning, superior straightening and smoothness with incredible manageability. Working with the best hair products from leading suppliers,we are able to deliver sensational hair smoothing results.

  • LinageRelaxers

  • Avlon Affirm Relaxers – conditions hair before, during and after relaxing

  • PhytoSpecific Relaxers – a botanical based, no-lye relaxer

Our hair smoothing and straightening treatments can be carried out on all hair types so please talk to us about your requirements so we can recommend the perfect hair smoothing treatment for your hair type. 

The benefits of relaxer treatments on wavy, curly and coiled hair types

There are multiple benefits to having a relaxer treatment at BCSx HAIRCARE salon in Durham NC.  Most people have this service because they want smoother, straighter hair, but other benefits include softer hair, less tangling and reduced styling time.  Your hair will look better and be much easier to manage!

Relaxer and texturizer services 

We offer a range of relaxer and texturizer services including:

  • Relaxer

  • Relaxer Retouch & Treatment

  • Partial Relaxer

  • Texturizer & Blowout

Recommended hair treatments

In addition to your relaxer treatment, we recommend our range of treatments to help condition, moisture and protect the hair and scalp.  Talk to your Beleza Couture hair expert who can assess the condition of your hair and scalp and recommend the best hair treatment for you.

Book a hair relaxer treatment at BCSx HAIRCARE salon in Durham

Smoother hair can be yours with a chemical relaxer treatment at Beleza Couture Studio Express salon in Durham NC.  Simply book your appointment by calling or texting the salon on 919-484-0423.

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