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Weaves & HAIR Extensions

Visit BCSx HAIRCARE for the best hair extensions and weaves in Durham, NC

Hair extensions or weaves can transform your look – adding volume, length and even dashes of color to your hair. We offer several application methods for hair extensions for women with textured hair at our salon in Durham, NC.  We can’t stress enough the importance of having your hair extensions or weave applied by a trained professional to avoid damage to the hair or scalp. With our expertise in all hair types including mixed race/multi-textured and highly textured hair, you’re in safe hands.


What’s the difference between Weaves and Hair Extensions?

Weaves and hair extensions are both types of hair enhancements that women of all ethnicities use to add length and volume to their natural hairstyle.  Weaves are a specific type of hair extensions that are sewn into an entirely braided, protective style.  No adhesive, clips or other bonds are used, unlike other hair extensions.  Hair extensions are attached strand-by-strand, whether they are tape-in extensions, clip in extensions or fusion extensions. 

Weaves Add Extra Length & Volume All Over

The ‘weaving’ technique is an incredibly versatile and protective way to add length and volume to your hair. Once the natural hair is braided into a protective style, wefted hair extensions are sewn onto the braids or tracks. Weaves are a gentle application and can be worn on natural or even relaxed hair.  Weaves are applied without any glue or adhesive. 

At BCSx HAIRCARE in Durham, NC, we offer different types of weaves including our own exclusive line of hair, BCSx HAIRCARE:

  • Microlinks

  • TapeIns

  • Itips

  • Partial Sew In Weave

Hair Extensions Add Length and Volume Strand by Strand

Hair Extensions boost length and volume all over or just where you need it.  We offer several types of strand by strand hair extensions and are happy to help you determine which ones are right for you.  It will depend on the style you desire, your budget and the amount of upkeep you are prepared to do.

At BCSx HAIRCARE in Durham, NC, we offer different types of hair extensions including our own exclusive line of hair.


Hair extensions Removal Services in Durham NC

It is just as important to have your hair extensions or weave removed by a professional, especially on highly textured or ethnic hair that is prone to breakage.  A trained stylist will be able to reduce the stress on the hair while removing the bonds and weaving that attach the extensions to your natural hair.  Removing your hair extensions or weave should not be attempted at home.


Book a Hair Extensions or Weave consultation at Durham’s top hair salon 

Your first step towards longer hair that is full of volume is to book in for a consultation at BCSx HAIRCARE salon in Durham NC.  You can do that by calling or texting the salon on  919-484-0423.

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